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Valuing Distributed Energy: Economic and Regulatory Challenges

Working paper for Princeton Roundtable (April 26, 2013) hosted by Columbia University and Princeton University.


– Download Final Summary and Conclusions from Event here :

   DE Summary Paper – Final

– Download Final Pre-Conference White Paper here:

   DE Whitepaper FINAL-0426


Debate on Net Metering Costs and Benefits

GTM Solar Summit 2012 (Phoenix, AZ): http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/22292090


Prometheus Institute Original Research

Prometheus Institute and Greentech Media analysts produce original reports and research briefs. Our results are reliable, our analysis objective, and our methodology rigorous and transparent.

Now in its 26th year, PV News is the PV industry’s oldest newsletter. Each month it brings original data, stories, and insight into the trends affecting the PV industry. PV News provides industry participants and observers with news stories and primary data from around the world on companies, markets, and technologies.


Written by Travis Bradford and published by MIT Press, this book predicts an inevitable shift to solar energy that will transform everyday life as radically as did the last century’s revolutions in information and communication technologies. In the past three decades computers and telephones have become decentralized and wireless. Solar energy will do the same for the energy industry, using nearly identical semiconductor technologies and for the same economic reasons, by harnessing the nearly limitless energy from the sun.

Read the interview with Dave Roberts at Grist here: http://grist.org/article/roberts1/ 

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