Why Chevy Volt sales matter less than you think

If anyone thought the Chevy Volt would “save” General Motors, take a look at the first-year sales figures.

The auto giant yesterday reported that it sold 1,139 Chevy Volts in November, bringing its total to date to 6,142. That means, barring a massive purchase by a fleet owner, GM will miss its first-year goal of selling 10,000 electrically driven Volts, a target the company now expects to hit early next year. (Nissan has sold 8,720 all-electric Leafs.)

Detractors will no doubt say first-year Volt sales prove that electric vehicles are not ready for prime time and not worth the subsidies buyers receive. To me, it’s a sign that EVs are hyped and that GM created an impressive, though arguably overengineered, car to burnish its green car credentials.

via Why Chevy Volt sales matter less than you think | Green Tech – CNET News.

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