Advice To President Obama: Yes We Can, But Will We?

The post below shares Nate Hagen’s timeless address to President Obama about the importance of energy in our society, written in January 2009. It goes into how energy ties into our economic system, the importance of energy quality, and discusses policy options to deal with decreasing availability of high quality energy supply.

The post/letter below is very important to me, as it brings together much of what I have worked on the past few years. We are at a major crossroads in the history of our nation and our world – the juncture where financial capital no longer can function as an effective marker for real capital. The crisis we face is the product of our own success – therefore it is highly unlikely to be fixed with the same policies and thinking that steered us to the present precipice. There are dozens if not hundreds of salient aspects of our supply and demand situation, each with its own cheerleaders, opponents and unaware. Unless one casts a wide boundary net, myopic focus on any particular issue runs the risk of creating more long term harm than good. In this letter, I attempt to highlight our situation’s most critical components, not claiming other issues are unimportant, but that the following principles likely trump/supercede the others:

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