The Water-Energy Nexus and Our Infrastructure Gap

There is a growing gap between the infrastructure we need and the infrastructure we have.

For two decades, Wedbush attorney, investment banker, and water industry executive Michael George has watched “the way we think about, use, finance water infrastructure and now the nexus between potable water, wastewater and energy.” It has, he said, “changed — not necessarily for the better — recently.”

The same could be said of energy and the way it is delivered.

Knowing that its service is “critical to human health and happiness,” the water industry has embraced a regulatory structure that ensures consumers are getting water that is not only safe but healthful.” This, George noted, comes at a cost. And “the question of how that is going to be paid for has been deferred,” he said.

via The Water-Energy Nexus and Our Infrastructure Gap : Greentech Media.

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