What Will This Year’s Geothermal Industry Report Reveal?

For those who are counting, it’s March already, and Americans are struggling to make sense of the mood swings surrounding both the weather and the Republican primaries. The GEA’s U.S. Geothermal Power Production and Development survey and report is another cultural staple in a new season of submissions and updates.

In geothermal trade analyses, much of the industry the world over uses the valuable data on U.S. current projects provided in the GEA’s report over the past few years. The report provides an overview of growth in installed capacity as well as projects in development; gives a state-by-state listing of geothermal projects; and tracks projects through the development timeline. New components can be expected in the upcoming update. It seems simple enough; but I suspect there are many prospects out there that fly under the radar. It’s important to make sure geothermal projects are included — a NCAA team would balk at being left out of March Madness!

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