Swear Off Subsidies To Achieve A Clean Energy Future

Green tech conferences are big on big pronouncements about paving the way to the clean energy future and Bloomberg’s confab is no different. But Liebreich seven-point plan is likely to strike some in the biz as heretical in part.

  • “You will not achieve systemic change by asking for more subsidies. You’ve got to change the message to talk about affordability. Costs are coming down and will continue to come down.”
  • Talk about productivity, security and health, not green jobs. “In a productive and healthy economy, every job is a green job.”
  • “You cannot regulate your way to innovation. You cannot suppress price signals and expect innovation.” Policy: deregulation not regulation.
  • Reach out to other sectors – automobiles, real estate, telecom. “If everything else in our economy remains the same but energy, we will not achieve systemic change.”
  • Stop preaching to the converted. “Fifteen percent of the population will sacrifice to do something green or eco. You’ve got to reach out to the mainstream.”
  • “Own the airwaves, own the politicians. You can’t soar like an eagle and poop like a canary.”
  • Focus on developing countries. “It’s about a market that’s out there. It will create billionaires among the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Concluded Liebreich, “In a clean energy system, billions are not cool. Trillions are cool.”

via Swear Off Subsidies To Achieve A Clean Energy Future – Forbes.