Attacks Abate From The Right On Volt & Electric Cars

A funny thing happened around the politics of electric cars.

The screaming stopped.

We’ve waited almost two months to write about it, but it would appear that the chorus of right-wing attacks on electric cars–including the Chevrolet Volt–has mysteriously and quite suddenly abated.

In late March, there was the remarkable Fox News segment in which the reviled Chevy Volt was transformed into an energy security hero.

Then in mid-April, Bill O’Reilly said “we like that” about a profusion of electric cars.

At the same time, Motor Trend writer Todd Lassa highlighted counterattacks from the right on behalf of the Volt against the misstatements of Rush Limbaugh, Neil Cavuto, Eric Bolling, and other Fox News contributors.

Among the proponents were former GM product czar Bob Lutz, himself a conservative, who met with right-wing organizations in Washington to argue the Volt’s merits.

via Attacks Abate From The Right On Volt & Electric Cars.

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