EV Myths and Realities, Part 1—The Battery Crisis

There’s been much debate over the past days, weeks, months, years, and decades over the viability of electric vehicles (EVs).

But Tesla’s Model S is a fast, luxurious, and frankly stunning sedan with a range of 300 miles and a recharge time of as little as 45 minutes. Case closed, right?

Hardly. The arguments rage, at least in some corners, loud as ever. I’ve recently decided to weigh in with my two cents, as I believe EVs are a part of the future mobility solution — a big part — and that economic solutions are readily achievable without any technical leaps.

These are three critical topics:

EV batteries: Sustainable, or a waste of finite material reserves on toys for the rich?

EV emissions & energy security: Clean, green, and sustainable, or no better than burning oil?

EV economics: Will electric vehicles ever be directly commercially competitive with internal combustion vehicles?

via Guest Post: EV Myths and Realities, Part 1—The Battery Crisis : Greentech Media.

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