British Study Finds Savings in Switch to Electric Fleet

Companies could cut the running costs of their fleets* by an average of £350,000 and reduce CO2emissions by more than 5% (830 tonnes) each year by replacing just 10% of their current vehicles with electric models. The potential savings were identified in a British Gas study, conducted by TRL, the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory. The report found that converting 50% of a fleet to electric vehicles would result in an average annual cost saving of £1,753,000 for companies and reduce CO2 emissions in Britain by around 26% (2,320,000 tonnes).

The report found that some sectors can achieve greater benefits than others from a 10% switch to electric vehicles. Fleets in the financial services sector stand to make the highest average fleet saving at £484,000 a year and could cut annual CO2emissions by 5.7%, or 800 tonnes.

The top five sectors that would benefit from converting their fleet to electric vehicles, according to a combination of percentage cost and CO2savings, are:

• Financial Services

• Emergency Services/NHS Trusts

• Service industries (including IT, Leisure and Media)

• Heavy industries

• Architecture /Construction

via British Study Finds Savings in Switch to Electric Fleet: #evworld.

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