CSP 2012: Concentrated Solar Power Review

The four major CSP companies kept their PPA-driven flagship projects on track for power production in 2013.

One: Abengoa’s 280-megawatt Solana parabolic trough project with six hours of storage in Arizona;

Two: The BrightSource Energy (BSE) 370-megawatt (cumulative) Ivanpah Units One, Two, and Three pressurized steam solar power tower in California’s Mojave Desert just across the border from Las Vegas;

Three: SolarReserve’s 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes solar power tower outside Tonopah, Nevada, with ten hours of molten salt storage; and

Four: The NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE) 250-megawatt Genesis trough project in California’s southeastern Mojave region.

President Clinton’s visit to Ivanpah in August spotlighted the excitement CSP developers are feeling, despite BSE’s canceled IPO bid.

via CSP 2012: Concentrated Solar Power Review : Greentech Media.

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