Do Utilities Know the Real Value of Solar?

CSP Alliance Executive Director Tex Wilkins believes that if utilities and other load-serving entities (LSEs) saw the value in owning CSP plants with storage, it would grow competition and economies of scale in CSP and its supply chain and drive prices down, just as such competition did in photovoltaic (PV) solar and wind.

For CSP and PV solar to gain utilities’ favor, the utilities that would obtain power from them must accurately value them.

The report An Evaluation of Solar Valuation Methods Used in Utility Planning and Procurement Processes, from LBNL researchers Andrew Mills and Ryan Wiser, looks at “a recent sample of U.S. LSE planning studies and procurement processes to identify how current practices reflect the drivers of solar’s economic value.”

via Do Utilities Know the Real Value of Solar? : Greentech Media.

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