UK Researchers Rewriting Electric Car Psychology

When a suped-up Lotus Exige broke the UK land-speed record for electric vehicles at an astonishing 151mph, it blasted away the preconception that electric cars were glorified milk floats.

Consumer psychologists at London Metropolitan University are now working to debunk further myths about electric cars and reposition them in the mind of the consumer.

Research by Dr Louise Bunce, Lecturer in Psychology, reveals many of the 340 motorists tested as part of a three month UK trial, now prefer electric vehicles to traditional petrol-power.

“Despite initial skepticism, drivers quickly adapted to the vehicles and were extremely positive about aspects of its performance, including its acceleration and speed,” Dr Bunce said.

“Drivers soon discovered that recharging their vehicle was more convenient than having to stop en-route to refuel at a petrol station. Not to mention, it costs around a mere £2 to go 100 miles.

via UK Researchers Rewriting Electric Car Psychology: #evworld.

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