Graph of the Day: Burning the carbon sink

My home is burning at the moment.  Not the bricks and mortar I live in here in the UK, but the place I call home. The coastal region of New South Wales. In fact there is a 750ha fire about 20km from my parents’ house as I write this.

Bush fires are part of life in Australia, and they always have been. But the fires at the moment are very early in the season, so people back home are asking if the fires are related to climate change.

Linking a single fire with climate change isn’t very sensible, particularly while peoples’ homes are still burning. But the long term link between climate change and the risk of heat related extreme weather events, like fire and heatwaves, is gradually being understood. It is a link which is better evidenced than for things like hurricanes and floods, where robust trends are virtually non-existent.

via Graph of the Day: Burning the carbon sink : Renew Economy.

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