Energy Storage and Renewable Grid Assistance

Clean Energy Group\’s new Resilient Power Project is helping states figure out how to provide resilient power to critical infrastructure, so that needed services can be provided during a natural disaster that knocks out portions of the electric grid. These critical services include food, water, shelter, heating and cooling, medical and emergency services, communications, and fueling. Facilities that can provide these services include community buildings, schools, supermarkets, gas stations, cell towers, and hospitals, among others.

There are many technologies, and combinations of technologies, that can be used to provide resilient power to critical facilities. One method is to add solar PV to the facility, with a battery storage backup system. Because there is a lot of interest in solar and energy storage systems, and questions about how they operate and interact with the grid, we decided to provide the following primer. We also describe new business models and companies that are beginning to move into this solar storage space, taking advantage of new revenue streams that could change the game for how energy storage is financed.

via Energy Storage and Renewable Grid Assistance | The Energy Collective.

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