How We Use Oil

Motley Fool presents the above pie chart in making the case that it will take more than wind, solar, nuclear or hydro to make us “energy independence.,” The chart shows that 75 percent of our oil goes to gasoline (the big blue slice), heating oil and diesel fuel (the red slice) and jet fuel (the light green portion). Wind, solar, nuclear and hydro, on the other hand, all go to generating electricity. “In the U.S., 2% of oil consumption is used to generate 1% of our electric power,” notes the Fool’s Aimee Duffy.

The point is the only way to reduce dependence on oil, foreign or domestic, will be to develop alternative fuels to gasoline. “If we can get through the day without putting oil into our cars or trucks, then we are no longer dependent on it,” she writes. “Even if we still produce, import, and use oil on a daily basis, if every American has another option, we will be energy independent.”

via RealClearEnergy – How We Use Oil.

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