[Closed] DISCUSSION: IEA sides with utilities on ‘free-riding’ rooftop solar PV

The  International Energy Agency is likely to upset the growing global solar PV industry, after questioning the value of residential solar PV, and accusing it of becoming a “free-rider” on networks that could lead to increased costs for other consumers.

In its World Energy Outlook 2013 report released overnight, the IEA says many parties suggest that the dramatic fall in the cost of solar PV in recent years means that it has – or is fast becoming – competitive with electricity generated from fossil fuels.

It says these arguments are based on the concept of “grid parity”. (Actually, it is probably more accurate to say they are based on “socket parity”).

But, the IEA asks, is grid parity the right criterion to measure the full competitiveness  of residential PV, after which it can survive without the need for subsidies? The IEA says no – at least not for those who remain connected to the grid.

via IEA sides with utilities on ‘free-riding’ rooftop solar PV : Renew Economy.

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