Why Is California’s Efficiency Program Struggling to Gain Traction?

After spending more than $230 million on a wide-reaching efficiency program over the last three years, California has only reached a fraction of its retrofit goals — spending more on administrative costs than on actual projects.

According to an analysis of state data by the San Francisco Chronicle, California has only supported 12,200 home efficiency retrofits under its Energy Upgrade California program since 2011. The stated goal of the program is to service over 100,000 homes.

The slow start raises questions about the way California rewards contractors and homeowners for efficiency upgrades.

Energy Upgrade California is a partnership between the state\’s two energy regulatory agencies, utilities and local governments designed to provide a streamlined process for homeowners and contractors to implement efficiency retrofits. It was designed to offer a one-stop shop for efficiency incentives similar to California\’s successful solar initiative.

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