Philips 60 Watt LED Equivalent $2-$4 In Many Markets

If you’ve been following the evolution of the LED markets (and who hasn’t?) you will note that there are a lot of different players in the mass market lighting space. One of the leading players has been Philips . The company has been focused on the LED market for years, and was the winner of the 2007 Department of Energy’s L Prize for developing the first LED substitute for a 60-watt incandescent bulb.  It was also the first company to win ENERGY STAR certification for its 60-watt equivalent LED.

Philips is continuing in that vein, with its uniquely shaped SlimStyle LED bulb, billed by the company as “the world’s first flat light bulb.”  Philips announced this week that it has received ENERGY STAR certification for the SlimStyle, which yields 800 lumens of light while consuming only 10.5 watts. These dimmable bulbs are expected to last 25 times longer than a traditional bulb (the old standard incandescent, which was phased out in January of this year, used 60 watts to achieve similar lighting levels, and lasted less than a year).

via Philips 60 Watt LED Equivalent Now Between $2 And $4 In Many U.S. Markets.

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