Grid Development and Obama Administration Clean Energy Plan

All five members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) agreed yesterday that acting on climate change is critical and none of them offered any indication that the U.S. EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants would hamper the reliability of America’s electric transmission grid.

A federal statute requires FERC to protect grid reliability and that was the subject of yesterday’s hearing by the House Subcommitee on Energy and Power chaired by Republican Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky.

It appears that reliability is a weapon of choice for opponents of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal, and some subcommittee members pushed the commissioners on the ability to ensure the dependability of the grid to deliver electricity to our homes and businesses in light of a changing portfolio of electric power sources and differing state compliance plans.

While it wouldn’t be correct to say that the FERC commissioners were equally enthusiastic about the EPA plan, none of them agreed with claims that the Clean Power Plan and grid reliability are incompatible.

via Grid Development and Obama Administration Clean Energy Plan | The Energy Collective.

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