International Efficiency Ratings

International Efficiency Ratings | The Energy Collective

A recent scan of energy efficiency in 16 nations showed that all fall short of their potential. But the collective wisdom among these countries offers a path forward. Following close upon their World Cup win in Brazil, Germany also comes in first in the latest International Energy Efficiency Scorecard, published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The United States lagged, coming in 13th of the 16 countries profiled.

The Scorecard examines areas of opportunity for energy efficiency – including buildings, industry, transportation and national policies. No country has a perfect score. Germany only received 65 out of 100 points, and the average score was just 50 points (the United States scored 42). However, on each of the 31 metrics at least one country got top marks, so together the best policies from around the globe offer a blueprint for reducing international energy waste.

via International Efficiency Ratings | The Energy Collective.

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