Coal-fired generation in US to fall by 1/4 by 2020

As Australia looks to protect the interests of its coal-fired generation industry by scaling back its renewable energy target, new research shows that coal-fired generation in the US is likely to fall by one quarter between now and 2020 – as a result of state-based renewable targets and tight emission rules.

The research by analysts at Alliance Bernstein suggests that nearly 230 million tonnes of coal will be removed from US coal generation by 2020 – the equivalent of Australia’s current level of coal exports.

This reduction is caused mostly as a result of the Obama Administration’s new emissions controls, but also because of the impact of the renewable energy targets in place in 29 states.

The Bernstein report – “The coming sea change in coal and gas sector demand” – predicts a huge shift from coal to gas fired generation and renewables in the final years of the decade.

via Coal-fired generation in US to fall by 1/4 by 2020 : Renew Economy.

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