California Net Metering 2.0 Keeps Retail Rates for Rooftop Solar

California regulators have proposed a future net metering regime that will preserve retail payments for residential rooftop PV.However, the proposal would add new interconnection costs and non-bypassable charges to distributed solar systems, while also imposing new minimum bill requirements and time-of-use rates that could complicate the solar value proposition.Tuesday’s proposed decision from the California Public Utilities Commission comes after years of debate and uncertainty over the state’s solar future. A 2013 state law, AB 327, ordered the CPUC to create a successor program to the existing net-metering program, which is close to expiring as the state’s big investor-owned utilities approach their 5 percent caps.

Source: California Net Metering 2.0 Keeps Retail Rates for Rooftop Solar | Greentech Media

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