Discussion: How Do We Measure “Enough?”

Renewables prices have been falling precipitously over the past five years as government research and incentives have encouraged and excited deployment. There has been exponential growth, firstly with wind and now solar, throughout the world with China and the United States currently leading global solar growth. Clean energy advocates and reporting entities such as Ceres and Bloomberg … Continue reading Discussion: How Do We Measure “Enough?”

DISCUSSION: Utilities 2.0? Or 2.No?

Residential solar installations are happening at an unprecedented rate here in the United States. Lowering installation and panels costs are accelerating PV installations, especially in places where electricity prices are exceptionally higher than the national average. source: GreenTechMedia  This is creating an environment, especially due to net metering, where new electricity generators (rooftop panel owners, … Continue reading DISCUSSION: Utilities 2.0? Or 2.No?

DISCUSSION: Value of Solar Tariff, Adaptable for Other Markets?

Net metering undoubtedly benefits consumers, but it is a crude fashion of valuing rooftop solar and does not take into consideration, nor pay for, many of the benefits provided by the grid. Austin Energy (AE) launched its Value of Solar Tariff (VOST) in the fall of 2012. AE’s VOST calculates its electricity tariff for solar rooftop homeowners based … Continue reading DISCUSSION: Value of Solar Tariff, Adaptable for Other Markets?