The 2012 BP Energy Outlook 2030

There are many unintended consequences as fuel supplies become more scarce, and expensive. (With a h/t to Rune Likvern), I see that those Greeks who are being starved of affordable fuel are starting to chop down trees for warmth and income. This sort of desperation has devastated the countryside all over Albania, Africa and Asia, and is extremely difficult to recover from. To stop that practice spreading the world expects that fuel must be available at an affordable price, and one of the ongoing questions is as to whether it will continue to be.

In that regard BP has just released its Annual Energy Outlook 2030 looking at how the world energy supply, and mix, will change in the years up to 2030. The booklet is an update from the study that it released last year, and which was reviewed at the time. This year the introductory speech by Bob Dudley focused on energy demand in China and India; Middle East exports and transport fuel demand. BP see overall energy demand growing some 40% over the next two decades, with virtually all growth coming from the developing countries. More than half will come from China and India alone. And of that energy, they anticipate that the supply will break out as follows:

via The Oil Drum | The 2012 BP Energy Outlook 2030.

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