Eaton Developing $500 Home CNG Station

Natural gas could be an important stepping stone in America’s quest to develop domestic energy. The problem right now is that natural gas filling stations are expensive and the home models can take 12 hours to fill your car. But major auto parts maker Eaton could bring a much cheaper, and faster filling unit to consumers homes in the next few years.

Affordable Domestic Fuel Filling Station For Your Home

Oil companies claim there is enough natural gas in shale formations beneath America to provide 100 years of “clean” energy. How true this is, I don’t know, though natural gas does have the potential to wean America off of foreign fuel imports. The problem is that so far there is just one CNG car on the market, the Honda Civic GX, and other automakers have been slow to commit new CNG vehicles outside of commercial and fleet sales. And while natural gas feeds heat into many American homes, those pipes run are an extremely low pressure, which means the $4,500 Phill filling stations Honda was pushing can take 12 hours or more to fill up the CNG tanks.

via Eaton Developing $500 Home CNG Station.