Guest Post: EV Myths and Realities, Part 2—Green as the Grid

Tesla’s Model S has been on the road, with private customers behind the wheel, for almost a month. The styling and performance will certainly draw attention, and the early reviews are nothing short of glowing, but do these new owners really deserve to be viewed as enablers of a green revolution?

In the first article of this series, “EV Myths & Realities, Part 1: The Battery Crisis,” I looked at the supply and production constraints on battery availability for EVs and demonstrated that they could readily scale to meet any foreseeable demand. In Part 2, I will discuss whether EVs are really ‘clean and green,’ or are just misrepresented as such.

This is an important issue for investors and buyers alike. EVs are seen as a big step forward on the path to a clean and energy independent future — but if they only move the pollution over the hill to a coal power plant, then their market position and consumer adoption may suffer, spelling bad news for the EV trailblazers. Whether you’re looking at taking a long position in an EV manufacturer or buying an EV as an informed consumer, you should be confident that the products’ ‘green and sustainable’ credentials will last the distance.

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